Why WordPress is the Best Choice for Your First Website

WordPress CMS is no doubt the best platform you can use if you are planning to start a website or a blog because of its ease of use, consistent updates, security, and not to mention there are so many available plugins that can help you with anything.

Setting-up  a wordpress site can be done in quickly as 10 minutes. As long as you have the web hosting and domain name ready. You can just login to your hosting cpanel account, click fantastico installer or one click WP installation, supply your password, username, blog title, email accounts where you will received these detail, click the install button and you are all set!

What I love with WordPress is that paying for a plugin is completely optional as there are free alternatives, you just need to be patient searching on their WordPress plugins repository.

Themes or templates on the other hand comes in free and paid as well. If you are serious with whatever you are doing. You can buy paid themes in bundles, these would costs you $50 but it is all worth it. Some premium grade themes can ramp up to $100 per piece but once you get there, you will see the reason why they are being sold for that price. Most web developers choose to buy these premium themes as they come with builtin builders, demo files, stock photos, and even paid plugins integrated to the whole package.

You just need to wait for some promotions of these companies as from time to time they will run monthly or quarterly discounts on their packages. This is the perfect time for you to avail and try how good their templates are. To give you some ideas of the best theme developers for WordPress, check out ThemeForest, Elementor, Colorlib, etc. just to name a few. Some WordPress templates have wordpress builders installed to them with extended licenses from the theme developer and wpbakery previous known as visual composer is one of my favorites. This saves you a few hundreds of dollars for the license itself which I can say a good deal indeed.