Email Marketing

Why Email Tracking Is Important for Your Business


Email tracking is important specially for those marketers who are using email as their tool. If you are just a casual email user, you won’t be needing such feature as you don’t really need to gauge the performance of your email sending like email marketers do.

Regular email users use this medium just to communicate, while for marketers this is one of their marketing strategy to get clients or leads for their business that’s why it is important that they can measure the success rates of their email marketing campaign.

To do that, they will need to a 3rd party email marketing tool or service that they could use with conjunction with their primary email. What this tool does are the following:

Track opened emails

This is very important so that they would know whether their target emails are really interested and whether if they are the perfect people to approach with. If they have opened the email it means they are somehow interested.

Track total replied

Another KPI that you can use to tell whether your email copy is working. If you see that the reply rates is higher meaning your copy was fantastic.

Track total clicked

This metrics is used if you have links on the body of your email. You can tell what the best place for your link is whether on the beginning on the middle or at the bottom, but still depends on many factors in your email.

Track total delivered

If you have scheduled 300 emails, total delivered is used to tell whether how many emails were already sent. If you are delivering 300 emails in 20 days campaign, then you can check daily if you are hitting the right amount.

Total unsubscribed

These are email users who have subscribed to your list, but for some reason have changed their mind and started unsubscribing in your email list. It could be your intervals of sending emails, being salesy, or whatever the reason that you can use to know if you are doing bad or good in your campaign.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are categorized into two: Soft bounce and Hard bounce. Soft bounce emails are sent to valid emails but bounce because either the mailbox was full, or the server was down. Hard bounce on the other hand are emails that are sent to invalid email addresses or emails that doesn’t exist at all.